[VIDEO] BLM Harasses Elderly Diners in Pittsburgh, Gulp Down their Drinks and Say "F**ck White People"

Democrat group BLM is back at it, harassing innocent Americans while they dine out.

See, in the Marxist “BLM world” you aren’t allowed to enjoy yourself until every last bit of “systemic racism” is crushed into dust.

The latest incident of “restaurant terrorism” occurred in Pittsburgh, where a BLM came storming in and gulped down diners beverages (really “COVID” safe, right?) screamed and yelled at them, and then used racists slurs against white people.

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These are Joe Biden’s supporters, and if he wins in November, these people will really be “emboldened” and believe they have a mandate to treat everyone – even in Red cities- like this.

You can watch the video below:

Of course, the mainstream media still won’t report on this. They’re trying to stick with the lie that everything is fine and protests are “peaceful.”

So far, that has been backfiring for the Dems in the polls. But what other choice do they have? If they disavow their street supporters they’ll lose any hope at the “Bernie vote.”


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