[VIDEO] BLM Mob Armed With Semi-Automatic Rifles Order Sheriff's Vehicle to Stop in Kenosha, WI

An unarmed black man by the name of Jacob Blake was shot in Kenosha, WI.

Early reports indicate that he was shot at least 7 times by police officers. He was life-flighted to a trauma center and is in critical condition.

BLM riots broke out in Kenosha, with brick and rock-throwing, looting, and vandalism.

MORE NEWS: [VIDEO] Riots Break Out in Kenosha WI After Police-Involved Shooting…Brick Thrown at Cop’s Head, He’s Seriously Injured

In once incident caught on video, a BLM mob armed with semi-automatic rifles shut down the street in Kenosha and even ordered a Sherrif’s vehicle to stop.

The vehicle stood still for a few moments and then unleashed tear gas.

The rioters scattered and the police vehicle moved on.

You can watch the video below:

In addition to the rioting in Kenosha, rioters also set a car dealership on fire in Milwaukee.

Americans have grown very wary of these riots, which have also moved into Charlotte, where GOP delegates are meeting this week to nominate President Trump.

President Trump has taken a massive lead with independents since these Demcroat riots broke out last May.

He’s now up 10 points in the latest CBS/YouGov poll with the coveted independent vote, which is very bad news for Democrats.


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