[VIDEO] BLM Mob Gets Rowdy Outside McConnell's Home, Demands He Pay Each of them $600

It seems that whenever the left is faced with a problem, their solution is to grab a megaphone and yell and scream until they get their way.

Case in point: BLM protesters have started to camp outside of Mitch McConnell’s home, where they’re now demanding that he give each of them $600 in coronavirus relief money.

Watch the video:

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Now the main problem with this is that it was actually the Democrats who denied the GOP’s latest COVID-19 stimulus bill.

From The Center Square

A new round of federal stimulus funding remains on hold after Democrats in the U.S. Senate blocked Republicans efforts to pass $500 billion in relief.

In a procedural vote Thursday, the Senate voted 52-47 in favor, with all Democrats and Republican Sen. Rand Paul of Kentucky voting against. The measure needed 60 votes to advance.

The relief package would have provided unemployed workers with an additional $300 in weekly benefits through Dec. 27. It also would have provided a new round of Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) funding to small businesses to the tune of $258 billion, and $105 billion for schools and colleges.

The measure also would have granted businesses certain liability protections from lawsuits from employees and customers who contract the respiratory disease, something Democrats opposed.

So if anything, these protesters should be outside of Pelosi or Schumer’s home demanding their $600.

It’s sad how completely uninformed these people truly are.

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