[VIDEO] Bloomberg TV Cuts Rudy Giuliani's Mic the Second He Starts Shredding Them "You're So Phony...."

The fake news media is in a very temperamental mode right now.

They’re laser-focused on defeating President Trump and there’s no room for “truth” or “facts” on this mission.


So, when President Trump’s personal attorney Rudy Giuliani appeared on Bloomberg and decided to give them a piece of his mind, they decided to cut off his mic.

Our video below picks up at the end of the video when the fake news Bloomberg “reporter” is telling Rudy that they “appreciate his time.”

Rudy chuckles and says “No you didn’t. You don’t appreciate my time. You’re so phony. God almighty. You’re working for the Democorati….”

And that’s when they cut the feed.

Rudy’s voice and face disappear from the screen.

I guess this how they hide the truth now – they just cut the feed.

Problem solved, right?

Wrong…it’s only making matters worse for them.

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You can watch the video below:

It’s clear that the media, who have been pretty insane for the past 4 years, have gone “all-in” on getting Biden elected and have thrown any ounce of professionalism and truth in the garbage heap.

But that won’t stop us from continuing to call them out for the hacks and Democrat propaganda artists that they are.


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