[VIDEO] Brave Woman Stops Her Car And Conducts a Citizen Arrest of Suspected Arsonist in Oregon

A video has emerged of an incredibly brave woman in Oregon performing a citizen arrest of a man suspected of arson.

The woman caught the man with matches in hand, when asked why he had them, he stated that he was lighting a cigarette, though none could be seen.

She held the suspected arsonist there with her gun until police arrived.

Watch the video:

Many Twitter users cheered this woman on for her bravery and also pointed out that the way this man hit the pavement shows he’s most likely been arrested before.

“With his legs crossed like that, it’s obvious this ain’t his first time being told to ‘get on the ground.’”

“What great initiative! Shes brave and sees her civic duty and does it!”

“This guy thought she was plainclothes and he knew exactly what to do, immediately. He is a criminal. He’s been arrested more than once.”

“Dang. Deputize her. That is an empowered female American right there.”

This woman is an absolute badass!

We seriously need more Americans to stand up like this to those who might be trying to cause destruction.

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