[VIDEO] Bret Baier Looks on Dumbfounded as Biden's Kooky Spokesman Flat-Out Refuses to Answer His Questions

If you’re wondering why Biden’s campaign looks like it’s being produced by the Three Stooges, watching his communications director (or “handler”) on Fox News should help clear it up.

The kid is a complete buffoon.

His name is TJ Ducklo and after this disastrous interview, he’ll probably be joinin’ old Grandpa Joe in the basement.

TJ appeared on Fox News with Bret Baier, and just seconds into the interview you could tell this kid wasn’t ready for “prime-time,” and certainly was not equipped to handle any interview that wasn’t on CNN or MSNBC.

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At the end of the interview, Bret asks TJ about Joe’s teleprompter.

As you may know, many people are wondering if Joe is using a teleprompter to respond to so-called “spontaneous” questions from voters during his live-streams.

The reason why this has come up is because during a recent exchange Joe told “someone” off-camera to “move it up,” while answering one of these voter questions.

It appeared that he was asking to have the teleprompter words “moved up” as he read them.

You can watch that video below:


When Bret asked TJ about it, he refused to answer.

Even after Bret said “it’s a yes or no question,” Tj still refused to answer.

So, based on that,  I think we can all assume that yes, Biden is using a teleprompter to answer voter questions.

Here’s the full interview:

Everything about Biden’s campaign is fake.

His polls, his enthusiasm, his words, and his actions – it’s all fake.

It’s all smoke and mirrors –  and the crazy thing is, it’s not even a good “smoke and mirrors” job. It’s like a high school production, and the American people can see through this mess.


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