[VIDEO] Bret Baier On Hunter and Joe Biden Scandal "For People Saying It's Not a Story...Um, It's a Story...." 

I had a feeling that the Hunter and Joe scandal story would balloon into something so massive that it could no longer be ignored, and here we are…

Earlier today, another one of Hunter’s business partners came forward and corroborated much of what we’ve been hearing from the laptop hard drive.


Yes, Joe Biden is often referred to as the “Big Guy” or the “Chairman,” and more importantly, yes, Joe did work extensively on Hunter’s business dealings, but was adamant that his name be kept out of it.

And this business partner of Hunter provided all the backup text messages and emails to prove his story.


It’s now become impossible for the fake news to ignore the story.

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Here’s what Fox News’ Bret Baier said: “Now you have someone on the record and he is putting his name behind all of this, providing all of this documentation that he confirms is accurate as a business partner of Hunter Biden…”

You can watch the video below:

The media just can’t hide from this story anymore…it now has a life of its own.

And now, because they tried to bury it, they’ll be playing “catchup.”

Serves them right. Two weeks to go and their candidate is going down in a ball of massive flames.


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