[VIDEO] Check Out The Look on Pelosi's Face When Jim Cramer Calls Her "Crazy Nancy"

Nancy Pelosi has seen better days. It’s no secret that Trump has broken her.

Just look at what’s become of her since 2016:

For decades now, we’ve been lied to – being told that Nancy Pelosi was this shrewd and amazing politician…She was the Democrat’s answer to the “art of the deal.”

None of that was true, though…Nancy had never faced actual opposition. She faced establishment Republicans who rolled over like well-trained dogs, and if they insulted her, it was in that “political way” that’s so. polite and formal, you had to hunt for the actual “insult.”

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Now, she’s facing President Trump…an actual force of nature, and Nancy she’s crumbling like a month-old cookie.

Pelosi is not a formidable politician. She’s been exposed as a fraud…and a crazy one at that.

As a matter of fact, that’s Trump’s new nickname of Pelosi…”Crazy Nancy.” And apparently it stuck, because CNBC host Jim Cramer just repeated it, live on the air

You can watch the video below:

Pelosi, like all Dems, is a “smoke and mirrors” job. She’s been exposed as nothing more than an empty skirt-suit.

This is why The Swamp hates outsiders. They don’t have “deals” with outsiders and outsiders don’t “play the game” and mind their manners.

That’s why someone like President Trump can so easily rip off the veil and expose these jackals for who they really are.


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