[VIDEO] Check Out These White BLM Rioters Smashing All The Car Windshields in a Parking Lot

Look, I am not a fan of the Marxist BLM movement – it was started and funded by communist George Soros, the leaders are self-proclaimed radical Marxists and racists, and they hate cops and perpetuate violence.

Now, with all of that said, the white Antifa communists have infiltrated the BLM movement and made it 100X worse.

The riots in Kenosha, WI are already a powder-keg, and now you have groups of white “BLM activists” smashing the windshields of a slew of cars in a parking lot.

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And trust me, if I hadn’t stopped to really notice that they were mostly all-white, local black folks would have taken the full rap for this disgusting video.

The white Antifa communists are co-opting the BLM movement to help accelerate their own agenda.

You can watch the video below:

You can say, “oh, they’re teaming up….” and that might be so, but let me tell you how this impacts decent black folks…

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These white folks roll in, likely from out of town, and start lighting fires and destroying property and people just assume it’s the local black kids doing it. Cops become bitter, businesses are furious, and neighbors are resentful towards the black youth of the city.

This can have lasting ramifications on these young people, and it’s unfair to all those kids who aren’t participating in this violent chaos.


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