[VIDEO] Check Out This Deceptive Stunt Drudge Report Pulled To Try and Boost Kamala's Lousy Debate Performace 

What the heck has happened to Drudge Report? It’s turned into an unreadable pile of progressive junk.

It’s unrecognizable from 2016, and we’ve got no real reason for the switch into a Biden SuperPac. Some speculate that Drudge sold it, but he’s still an owner, although he has partnered with new people according to reports.


Now, the Drudge report will do anything and bend over backward to try and save Harris/Biden. They’ve gone full establishment and communists with their support of the Harris/Biden ticket.

Just look at what Drudge did to help boost Kamala after her disastrous debate performance against VP Pence.

Drudge put up his poll, asking “Who won the VP debate,” and Kamala got slaughtered 78% to a horrific 28%.

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However, Drudge couldn’t let their terrible numbers be the final say in Kamala’s terrible performance, they had to try and boost her up…so what did Drudge do?

Well, he pulled a stunt of course and added CNN’s ridiculous poll showing Kamala won right underneath.

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God forbid we allow the actual truth to prevail, right Drudge?

You can watch the video below:

Once again, we see the media ghouls providing cover for the failing Harris/Biden campaign.

They have no message and won’t discuss real issues.

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The only thing they’re running on is fear of COVID and hate for President Trump.

This is why they need people like Drudge to keep the “smoke and mirror” facade of a so-called “successful campaign” going.


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