[VIDEO] Cher Experiences Hilariously Embarrassing "Tech Difficulties" While Hosting an Event For Biden in Vegas

It’s as if everything associated with the Biden campaign is a rickety, junkie old mess.

And I’m not talking about Cher herself–although, if the shoe fits–what I’m referring to is the production quality of anything and everything they do.


Remember the DNC Convention?  It looked like a high-school play.

And don’t get me started on the so-called “rallies” for Kamala and Joe – I had more people in my living room last week than they’re getting at their events.

I’m not joking…

Check it out:

So, when Cher decided to go “Ridin’ With Biden,” she probably didn’t realize it – but she was signing up for a disastrous Gong Show.

Cher was in Vegas, with her signature wig, and enough bright lights on her to land a 747.

Of course, I’m guessing she had the lights like that to hide whatever the plastic surgery hasn’t “fixed.”

I think she’s gotta be pushing 75 by now.

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At any rate, her looks were probably the least of her worries, because the entire event turned into a fiasco when more of those famous “Biden tech difficulties” reared their ugly head.

It was actually hilarious…this poor old communist woman trying (and failing) to lip-synch in front of a crowd of about 30 people (by the sounds of the claps).

You can watch the video below:

The entire Harris/Biden campaign feels like we’re all attending a low-budget prom, doesn’t it?

I’ve never witnessed such a bargain basement/poorly-run campaign like this ever before.


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