[VIDEO] Chris Wallace 2.0 Makes Minced Meat Out of Biden's Senior Advisor

Joe Biden’s Senior Advisor Jake Sullivan didn’t know what hit him…It was a truck named “Chris Wallace,” and it mowed him right down.

Sullivan agreed to do a sit down with Trump-hater Chris Wallace. He probably thought he’d have a fairly easy go of it…boy was he wrong.

Wallace 2.0 is a lot more aggressive than we expected.

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Wallace was like a pitbull on a bone…he had a hold of Jake and was not letting go.

From Bizpacreview

Fox News host Chris Wallace set an unusual tone early on, given his liberal makeup, when he set up the segment by saying the Biden campaign “seized the moment this week using the [Bob] Woodward book to try and change the subject on the campaign trail from law and order to the pandemic.”

Wallace set Sullivan back on his heels when he pointed out that even though Biden spoke about “dangerous epidemic” on January 27, the candidate “was holding mass rallies as late as March 9th.”

Sullivan tried to ditch the issue by focusing on some actions Biden had taken, but Wallace didn’t let him off the hook so easily.

“I wanted — can you answer my question? Why was he holding mass rallies as late as March 9th?”

You can watch the video below:


Has Chris finally decided to stop being a liberal “activist” and go back to be a journalist?

One can hope, but we’ll need to see more of this from him to make that determination.


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