[VIDEO] Chuck Schumer Tries to Hold an "Anti-ACB" Presser Outside and Gets Brutally Heckled

You’d think Chuck Schumer would have learned by now not to hold his press conferences outside…it hasn’t worked out well for him in the past…and it sure as heck isn’t working out good for him this time.

As a matter of fact, it was a complete disaster.


Chuck and the Dems are desperate right now to “pump up” their base, so they’re putting on a silly stunt where they’re “protesting” ACB’s impending confirmation.

It’s the dumbest, most pointless waste of time ever, but they’re hoping stunts like this will make their low-info base forget what a bunch of losers they are and go vote for Joe Biden.

However, they may look at this Schumer nightmare and fall into a deep depression and sleep right through the election – because who really knew what the heck Chuck was saying?

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He was drowned out by so much heckling.

Absolutely hilarious!

You can watch the video below:

The Dems are such a mess.

It’s like KARMA is just smacking them around like a limp old. ragdoll…everything they touch just turns into a mess.

God works in beautiful and mysterious (and funny) ways sometimes.


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