[VIDEO] Citizens Set Guatemalan Congress on Fire After Politicians Cut Social Programs And Award Themselves Perks  

Elitist politicians can only push good people so far before they finally snap.

And that’s what’s currently happening in Guatemala.


In a nutshell, here’s what happened: The Congress rammed through a budget bill, and removed social programs citizens needed, but awarded themselves new perks.

The people were irate — and between that and a slew of other things — they just exploded and it’s turned into a chaotic, violent, and scary mess.

Here’s what one local reporter is saying:

The country is going to erupt in protests this afternoon after a series of long-simmering crises finally hit their boiling point. I’ll have an article out at the end of the day, but will tweet context, protest pics, etc

Tuesday night, while Iota rains were flooding areas already devastated by Eta, Guatemala’s congress rammed through a budget bill, giving themselves extra millions for meals, cutting $25M for combatting malnutrtion (they put it back after an outcry).

Today is not really about the budget bill. The budget bill was a match thrown onto a pool of fuel that has been gathering for years. There’s widespread rage directed at the current congress and president but also at political and business elites that transcend administrations.

That said, certain aspects of the budget bill did trigger protests: the temporary axing of $25M re malnutrition, reducing the human rights ombudsman’s office budget by $2.5M, cutting the judiciary’s budget almost in half… and the bill’s passage at breakneck speed overnight.


Calls grew for president Alejandro Giammattei to veto the budget bill, from diverse sectors: academic, business, social movement… and even VP Guillermo Castillo, whose relationship with the president has been tense for ages. Background on Giammattei:

Then yesterday, the vice president said he had been unable to meet with the president to discuss urgent measures to address the situation, and then took it up a notch: Vice president Guillermo Castillo publicly called on president Alejandro Giammattei to jointly resign with him.

Different people are calling for different things: resignations, a constitutional assembly, etc. Calls for the president to resign revive the #RenunciaYa slogan from 2015, when mass protests and a corruption investigation brought down a sitting president.


It is a VEEEEERY different vibe down here outside congress, where a march led by university students has stopped. CONGRESS IS NOW LITERALLY ON FIRE…


You can watch the videos below:

The U.S. could be facing a very scary set f circumstances coming up. Let’s hope it doesn’t come to that, but this “Let Them Eat Cake” attitude we’re getting from our own politicians in terms of lockdowns, combined with this massive fraud and corruption in 2020 is infuriating.

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But in this case, there will be anger from either side of the aisle in the next coming weeks.

Pray for our country.


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