[VIDEO] CNN Busted With a Giant "PornHub" Tab Open During Live Broadcast...Anchor Feverishly Swipes it Closed

The folks over at CNN can’t seem to catch a break….even when they’re trying to help Democrats steal an election, things keep going wrong for them.

One of the most embarrassing moments was actually just caught on camera.


It turns out someone over at CNN was enjoying a bit of gross afternoon “work porn,” and it showed up on the TV screen.

I’m starting to understand why pervert Jeffrey Toobin fits in so well over there…

The HUGE “PornHub” tab was on the giant screen, as CNN’s “political expert” John King was discussing the current election (fraud) that’s happening in the country.

That’s when he noticed a big “PornHub” tab on the screen and quickly swiped it away.

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You can watch the video below:

So, while CNN is grossing everyone out and trying to steal the US election from the American people, I want to remind you that President Trump is currently fighting his butt off.

And we need to rise up and fight with him.

This election will go to the courts and we will win.

Don’t give up and don’t give in.

We didn’t fight this hard for 5 years to roll over when the Deep State strikes.


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