[VIDEO] CNN Panel Looks Absolutely Devastated When Wolf Blitzer Lavishes Praise on the RNC's Opening Night

After watching that low-budget radical sideshow the DNC put on – which looked like a wonky PBS telethon – the RNC Convention comes off like a finely polished, well-produced event.

So much so, even CNN’s Wold Blitzer had to admit it.

It was so bad for Dems, that CNN did their best to shield their Black viewer’s from hearing any message of hope from GOP newcomer Kim Klacik, who is running to Make Baltimore Great Again.

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But in the end, they had to admit that the RNC looked polished and ran efficiently.

The contrast between the two conventions is stark and shocking. One convention looked sad, low-budget, and spewed radical nonsense, and the other was full of hope, well-produced, and spoke clearly to middle-America.

So, you can imagine how sad and defeated the CNN panel looked when Wolf Blitzer was forced to admit how “well-produced” the RNC convention looked.

They all looked as if someone had just whizzed in their Cornflakes.

You can watch the video below:

The Democrats have become the party of the blue-haired “non-binary” voter.

They don’t connect with the average American voter. It’s all about “Orange Man Bad,” and radical issues that nobody without multiple “face piercings” can relate to.

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Democrats are talking about defunding the police, while their voting base burns down our cities and beats innocent American citizens in the streets.

They call that “peaceful protesting,” while the rest of America looks on in horror.


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