[VIDEO] CNN Panel Says There's "Very Little Rioting" and Trump is Blowing it Out of Proportion to Scare People

The Democrats made a critical mistake when they didn’t condemn the mob violence months ago.

By not calling out the violence and rioting they did two things. 1) they emboldened the mob to be more violent and angry and 2) they aligned themselves with thugs and bullies who are assaulting innocent Americans and destroying businesses all over the country.

At first, Dems tried to combat the riots and violence, by calling the protesters “peaceful” and demonizing President Trump’s federal troops as “stormtroopers.”

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As a matter of fact, during the DNC Convention, Barack Obama accused Trump of trampling on these “righteous warriors” free speech.

The Dem politicians and the media thought they could convince America that the people in the streets blocking traffic, beating store owners, and invading neighborhoods were the “good guys.”

And when that disastrous plan didn’t work, they just ignored the situation.

Meanwhile, video after video of violence and hate from BLM and Antifa mobs are being shared all over social media every day.

Now, their candidate is tanking in the polls, and Dems are in a mad dash to try and fix this mess.

Some Dem politicians are weakly condemning the violence now, after three months of fire and death, while others like this CNN panel, are still trying to pretend like it’s not a “real” issue.

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Democrat pundit Kirsten Powers thinks “there’s very little rioting,” and the reason why it seems so bad is that President Trump is “magnifying” it.

These people are clueless idiots.

You can watch the video below:

The problem with people like this is that they’re in a bubble.

The media thinks if they don’t report on an issue it’s somehow not “real.”

But what they don’t realize is that social media has taken over the media’s job.

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One video of a man being beaten by a BLM mob can easily get millions of views in just a couple hours —  and that’s just one video, there are thousands of these videos and stories floating around out there.

But these so-called “experts” don’t realize that, because they exist in their smug, elitist media bubble.

That’s why they’re always so shocked when things (and elections) don’t go their way.


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