[VIDEO] CNN Probably Wishes They Never Had This Capitol Riot Attorney On...He Blew Away Pelosi's Narrative

CNN probably thought this interview with a “Capitol Riot” attorney would be a great opportunity to spread Nancy Pelosi’s twisted narrative about how “armed conservative insurrectionists” tried to take over the United States.


In truth, nobody except the police was armed -and they shot an unarmed female Trump supporter and killed her.

That’s actually where all the “outrage” should be. Not because someone dared to *touch* Pelosi’s stupid office phone.

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But, as usual, things didn’t go how CNN had planned, and in the end, this brilliant attorney blew a thousand holes in the left’s narrative and told the actual truth about January 6th, and also what the political prisoners are currently going through.

Joseph McBride was asked for comments relating to the eight-month prison sentence given to Paul Hodgkins for merely walking into the building and sitting at Nancy Pelosi’s desk.

McBride, who represents another of the accused told CNN host John Avlon that “there are people who showed up to attack the Capitol, there are people who showed up to protest, and there are people who showed up to protest that got involved with the greater events of that day. And it is very important not to lump everybody in, not to define every protester that showed up that day as an insurrectionist — which, by the way, no one has been charged with.”


You can watch the video below:

Here’s what people online are saying:

“CNN, you fight for terrorist rights in Gitmo but laugh when Americans are tortured…sick SOB’s”

“Not counting the FBI infiltrated groups and Leftist thugs, 99% of those citizens were protesting the illegal take over of our government.”

“Takeaway: it is perfectly fine for the left to burn down a woke, progressive city, but protesting at the US capital will end in a prison sentence if you a Republican…”

“What a smug punk. Someone take him out back in the alley and give him the Joe Biden treatment.”

“Smirking A–hole!”

“8 months in prison for trespassing . . . sounds right, for the Soviet Union.”

“CNN is a terrible network and no one should ever listen to them. This clip was the first clip I have hear in many years and if this commentator is the norm now then free speech is dead and if not dead dying. Wake up people before it is too late.”

I have said this before, and I’ll say it again: Communists believe that “prison” is fascism. They believe that anyone can be rehabilitated, except for political dissidents. According to commies, those are the only people who truly belong in jail.


If you remember this fact, everything the Dems are doing will start to make perfect (disturbing) sense.

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