[VIDEO] CNN Reporter Attacked by "Pro-Trump" Raccoon During Live Report From the White House

Revenge of the raccoons?

Can they smell fake news now?


That’s what it looks like as fake news reporters are coming under fire from raccoons at the White House.

The scene of the attack was at the White House on Wednesday morning.

The CNN “reporter” Joe Johns was trying to do an early-morning live shot for “New Day” when an America First raccoon decided to pounce.

Our patriotic little friend couldn’t be seen on camera, but Johns saw him, and threw an object off-screen and started yelling for the little guy to “get!” as he tried his best to salvage his live TV shot.

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“Frickin’ raccoons, man,” Johns complained. “God, again! That’s the second time. Jesus.”

You can watch the video below:

These buffoons in the media can’t do anything without being outed and exposed for the buffoons that they are.

Personally, I’d rather watch the raccoon do a live report from the White House. I think it would’ve been a much more professional and fair report.


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