[VIDEO] CNN's Jake Tapper is Giving Jen Psaki the "Peter Doocy" Treatment

Jen Psaki is finally back from “vacation” and now she’s having to face some really tough questions on the disaster in Afghanistan.


While the Biden administration is desperately trying to convince everyone that Americans aren’t stranded and that everything is basically “hunky-dory,” we all know that far from the truth.

As a matter of fact, many Americans are suffering – deeply, and they’re scared.

The Post Millenial reported on one American woman’s story as she tries to get out of Afghanistan. The woman is one of the many Americans trapped behind enemy lines that the Biden administration has said that they’re having a hard time tracking. She told Fox News that there are as many as 20 Taliban checkpoints standing between her and the Kabul airport, where the US military is evacuating citizens.

During an attempt to get through one of these checkpoints, she said the Taliban whipped her. Another man standing near her was reportedly shot in the head.
Since that moment, the woman told Fox News she has been in hiding, fearing for her life. As of Saturday, she was in hiding with her aunt, who is a former Afghan parliament member, her uncle, as well as a number of contractors and children.

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“We are devastated,” she said. “We’re scared for our lives. Every moment that a car passes by, I feel like they are going to pull in and execute us. I don’t know if I’m going to see my children again.” She fears that the situation has become hopeless, saying “she would rather commit suicide than allow the Taliban to capture her,” according to Fox News.
She added that she also fears showing her US passport to checkpoint security, noting that she would be unsure that the guard is Taliban, who have assured that Americans can pass, or members of other terrorist organization.

“They’re labeled as Taliban, but who really knows?” she said. “They don’t have a uniform on, a proper military uniform or law enforcement, where you can recognize them. They’re all armed.”

Speaking with Fox News, she had an urgent, tearful plea for the president. “Please, Mr. President, please evacuate us. We need help.”


As you can imagine, Jen Psaki is taking some major heat for cases like this – especially after she claimed that it was wrong – offensive – to call Americans in Afghanistan “stranded.”

And German officials are now saying what we all figured all along…

And in a strange turn of events, it’s actually CNN’s Jake Tapper who’s calling her out, saying that no, many Americans do indeed feel stranded…and by what Germany just said, they will remain that way.

You can watch the video below:

That’s really got stung for poor Jen.


Perhaps another “vacation” is in her near future…we all know she’s not cut out for this job.

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