[VIDEO] College Students Shocked and Horrified When Shown Clips of Biden's "Inappropriate Touching"

I happened upon this video from the conservative group “Campus Reform.”

During the Dem primaries, they went to the University of Iowa to show college students clips of Joe Biden “inappropriately touching” women and children to get their reaction.

And boy oh boy, were they disgusted.

The kids looked on in horror, one girl was so shocked she covered her mouth with her hand as she gazed in shock at the video.

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Another student wisely pointed out that Joe doesn’t discriminate…he “gropes” all different ages of women.

And another student said this appears to be an “ongoing” issue.

When asked if they thought it’d be a problem for Joe during the election, they all agreed that it would.

You can watch the video below:

There have been so many other issues surrounding Biden, mainly his cognitive challenges, and the fact that he’s about 1 sneeze away from full-blown Alzheimer’s, that we’ve not been focusing on his disrespectful touching and treatment of women.

How on earth can any woman worth her salt vote for a man who has a documented/video history of “groping?”

The left has killed the #MeToo movement and is sailing women down the drain…again.


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