[VIDEO] Conservative Powerhouse Kim Klacik Just "Ended" Joy Behar On "The View" With this Savage "Blackface" Jab

Holy cow, I’ve seen a lot of meltdowns on “The View,” but this one here was different…Kim Klacik literally “ended” Joy Behar and she never ever saw it coming.

First off, I just have to say,  these women have gotten even more hysterical and annoying than they’ve ever been – and that’s saying a lot because they were straight-up loons before.

But I don’t know if it’s the election, coupled with the paranoia over an awful candidate like Biden that is driving people like Whoopi, Sunny, and Joy into a new realm of nastiness, but it’s off the charts, as you’ll see in this short clip.

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Kim Klacik, who is running for a congressional seat in Baltimore, appeared on “The View,” where the usual abrasive/rude tone towards conservatives was fully on display. But Kim wasn’t going to sit back and take it.

So, when unhinged Joy Behar came at her, in that typical rude and snotty liberal way, Kim clapped back.

After Joy was done speaking, Kim, who was appearing remotely, asked “is this Joy? The same Joy that paraded around in blackface not too long ago?”

You can watch the video below:

It’s one thing to disagree, and debate, but man oh man, the left is just vile.

Did you see the twisted looks of vengeance on Sunny and Joy’s faces? They just look so filled with hate and anger, and they’re starting to wear it. All that liberal hate is part of their makeup now. It’s oozing out of their pores.

All of this over politics.

I couldn’t stand Obama. I thought he was a major jackass and I fully believe his policies destroyed this country and namely the working-class.

However, I never allowed how I felt about Obama to change me as a person.

Who knows, maybe these people were always just deeply ugly and hateful inside, and Trump is just shining a light on it.


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