[VIDEO] Crazed Biden Supporters Terrorize 7-Year-Old Child, Steal His MAGA Hat, Tear Up Pro-Trump Signs

A young Trump supporter named Riley had a terrifying encounter with two crazed female Biden supporters.

The unhinged, violent women went on a hysterical tirade where they ripped up the families pro-Trump signs, and stole the little boy’s hat, causing him to break down in tears.

The President’s eldest son, Don Jr., tweeted out the video clip of the horrifying child-abuse event that was captured. on video.

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The abusive assault took place in Wilmington, Delaware, where Biden delivered his pre-recorded acceptance speech, claiming he would bring America out these “dark times.”

The truth is, Biden’s supporters, from crazed cat ladies like this to ANTIFA and BLM, are fully responsible for the “dark times” we’re now facing, and Trump is the ONLY HOPE this country has left.

Don Jr. shared the video, in hopes that the two psycho women can be identified and brought to justice.

You can watch the video below:

This is Biden’s America in a nutshell. A place where you’re not allowed to think or believe anything outside of the liberal agenda…and if you don’t believe you will be attacked – even if you’re a 7-year-old child.

That’s how crazy and unhinged these lunatic people are.

They’re so emotionally sick and mentally ill over politics that they’ve literally lost their humanity.

You must vote like you and your country’s life depends on it…because they both do.


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