[VIDEO] Customers in Target Store Rescue Unvaxed Trump Supporter From Vicious Vaxed Stalker

There’s a name for idiots like this guy – they’re called Vaxholes.


The entire time I watched this video, I wished that I could’ve run into this guy at the store…the woman – who is a Trump supporter – handled herself great, but I would’ve torn that hobo to shreds.

I can’t stand bullies…especially liberal ones.

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COVID has given goobers like this guy, a real feeling of superiority – these societal misfits now believe they have a purpose – they can finally lash out at all the people they blame for their miserable existence.

And speaking of misfits, Joe Biden isn’t helping matters. He’s also dividing the country and treating unvaccinated people like lepers – what happened to natural immunity?

But there’s some hope out there, folks.

This absolute pompous, frumpy loser man, who is wearing a “SIGN” that says he’s vaxed, was stalking and harassing a woman inside Target for not being “vaxed.”


She was handling him just fine – but the thing that I liked seeing was how the entire store basically turned on him and told the guy that getting vaxed is HER CHOICE and blocked him from following her.

You can watch the video below:

The good news about this clip is that Biden’s hard work trying to pit Americans against each other isn’t working as well as he had hoped.


Let’s hope this keeps up and we can all rise above the politics of COVID

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