[VIDEO] DC Police Used Bicycles to Build a "Barrier" Between BLM Mob and Rep Vernon Jones to Get Him to Safety

What happened to Trump supporters last night at the RNC Convention outside the White House should never happen to any American citizen anywhere.

It’s one thing to have political disagreements, but it’s quite another to physically intimidate and bully people who think differently than you.

And that’s precisely what the Democrat Mob is doing to innocent Americans all over the country.

If you don’t “swear allegiance” to Marxist BLM by raising your fist in the air, an angry mob will shout and scream in your face…and if you support President Trump that same mob will surround and circle you like a school of vicious sharks.

They call this “peaceful.”

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It’s not.

It’s political terrorism and intimidation.

That happened to Rand Paul last night as he and his wife left the White House and it also happened to Georgia Dem Rep and Trump supporter Vernon Jones.

It was so bad for Rep. Jones that the police had to use their bicycles to build a physical “barrier” around him, in order to safely get him through the mob.

You can watch the video below:

America is supposed to be a place where we can practice our religion and our politics freely.

If we disagree with someone’s politics, we can go to the voting booth and cast our vote.

But to sit here and try and intimidate and scare people into submission during an election year is terrorism and election interference and we can’t stand for this.


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