[VIDEO] De Blasio Makes Mistake of Greeting NYC Man on the Street, Who Turns On Him Like a Rabid Dog

Holy moly, New Yorker’s have no qualms about speaking their mind.

While walking down the street, Bill DeBlasio made the tragic mistake of asking this gentleman how he was doing.

That’s it, just a simple “How are you?”


Well that question made this guy go off and what followed was nothing less than a full-blown assault.

*Warning* – The language in this video is EXTREMELY graphic


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Needless to say, De Blasio is not incredibly “loved” in his city.

From Vox

According to an April Quinnipiac University poll, 42 percent of New Yorkers approve of the job de Blasio is doing as mayor, and 44 percent disapprove. But when you break it down by race, the numbers tell a different story: De Blasio’s approval rating is 31-58 percent among white voters, 33-44 percent among Asian voters, 40-40 percent among Hispanic voters, and 66-23 percent among black voters. In other words, de Blasio does poorly among white New York voters. Among voters of color, it’s a different story.

“The whole cocktail party circuit loathes Bill de Blasio, and he takes so much pleasure in that, and it’s a perfect storm of crass,” Katz said. When de Blasio ran for mayor in 2013, he did so on a theme of a “tale of two cities” — one for rich elites and moneyed interests, and another for everyone else.

“He told people who thought they were part of the solution that they were part of the problem and that they would never be able to understand that because they themselves were not subject to policing and other problems,” one New York political operative said.

Of course, it’s not just white elites who are turned off by de Blasio. Democratic Rep. Max Rose, who in 2018 defeated former Republican Rep. Dan Donovan in historically right-leaning Staten Island, ran explicitly against de Blasio in his congressional race. He even ran a campaign adattacking de Blasio.

This guy is a complete and total schmuck.

It’s really no wonder that he was completely accosted in the streets.

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