[VIDEO] Dem Senator Busted on Open-Mic Live-Stream Verbally Abusing Female Staffer With F-Bomb Tirade 

The Democrat Senator who admitted to slapping his wife during an argument reaffirmed exactly how little he thinks of women when he was busted verbally abusing his female staffer on a hot-mic live-stream committee meeting to discuss the Dems latest absurd conspiracy theory: mailboxes.

Senator Tom Carper of Delaware is a cranky old coot who can’t figure out how to use technology and makes his own shortcomings other people’s fault – namely his female assistance, who he verbally accosted with an F-bomb tirade.

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Carper was not able to get the live-stream working, and he went off, yelling “f**ck, f**ck, f**ck” repeatedly at his female staffer, who eventually leaned in and “fixed” things.

The Senator didn’t realize he was not only on screen, but everyone could hear what he was saying and seeing his twisted, angry face.

From Daily Mail

Senator Tom Carper of Delaware suffered an on-camera hot mic meltdown over tech issues during a remote Senate hearing, yelling out in frustration when he thought his video feed was down.

Instead, his expletive-laden outburst was carried during live cable feeds of a closely watched hearing about the functioning of the postal service.

‘F***, f***, f***!’ Carper yelled, turning to the side it what looked like his congressional office.

The panel’s Republican chairman, Ron Johnson of Wisconsin, had just recognized Carper to speak, at a tense hearing where Democrats were trying to explore any deliberate efforts to sabotage mail-in voting.

‘Senator Carper? Is Senator Carper there?’ said Johnson, pausing during the glitch, and running hearing from a kitchen. Then, as he was about to call on Republican Sen. James Lankford of Oklahoma, the feed cut to Carper – who turned to the side during his outburst and could be heard slapping his knee or another surface.

Then, Lankford said he thought Carper was ‘going to be able to do it all over right now,’ prompting Johnson to smile and acknowledge the snafu.

‘Sen. Carper, can you unmute?’ he told him. ‘We don’t want to be on TV again,’ Johnson told him.

You can watch the video below:

Every single time these nasty hateful Dems show their true colors.

The political party of “women” is actually abusers of women – just look at the #MeToo movement.

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Here we have an unhinged Senator who “slapped” his own wife and now, we see him treating a female staffer like dirt.

Imagine how many times this has happened when the cameras and mic weren’t rolling…


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