[VIDEO] Democrat Mayoral Candidate Arrested After Faking Her Own Kidnapping on Facebook Live to Gain "Sympathy Votes"

Here we go again…Another “Smollett-esq” stunt pulled by a Democrat.

They really love their hoaxes, don’t they?

This hoax was a doozy and it all went down in South Carolina.

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Police in Sumter arrested two people – and one of them was a candidate for mayor –  after they discovered she and her cohort staged a kidnapping and beating to get publicity, sympathy, and votes in the November election.

Police say 29-year-old Sabrina Belcher who was running for mayor, admitted to planning the hoax, which she also recorded and posted to Facebook live.

Belcher told police she was assaulted and kidnapped during an attempted robbery.

But it was all fake.

From The Sun 

Sabrina Belcher – who ran for mayor of Sumter, South Carolina – staged a brutal beating and kidnapping to gain “publicity, sympathy and votes in the November election,” police said on Friday.

The 29-year-old Belcher called police on Tuesday night claiming she was assaulted and abducted by a man who also attempted to rob her.

She allegedly provided a fake name of her attacker.

She told police she was injured and the man had broken her car windows during the attack.

Emergency services then took Belcher to the hospital where she was treated and released.

During their investigation, authorities found she was in contact with her supposed attacker, 34-year-old Christopher Eaddy, and the two had allegedly planned the attack days before.

Police say she carried out the stunt on Facebook Live, and admitted to faking the crime.

“This was simply an effort to create disorder and discontent in our community for personal gain,” said Sumpter Police Chief Russell Roark.

“As a result, a valuable number of resources, including personnel, man-hours of the police department as well as local medical professionals, were wasted based on false information.”

You can watch the fake Facebook Live video she posted below:

It’s amazing how Democrats can’t win on their own merits, right?

They can’t push their agenda based on truth – everything is lies and smoke and mirrors.

They can’t win the White House without plagues and riots…It’s a definite theme with them.

And trust me, in the end, truth always wins out.


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