[VIDEO] Deranged BLM Activist Attacks Trump Supporter and Destroys Their Stalls

That’s right folks, we have yet another crazed BLM supporter attacking a Trump supporter all in the name of fighting “hate.”

A video has emerged showing a BLM activist running up to a Trump supporter in San Diego, California where he then threw all the objects on the table towards her, then proceeded to destroy the pro-Trump tents she had set up.

Watch the video:

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This Black Lives Matter activist and wannabe rapper, Nate Norman, posted the video onto his Facebook where he used the hashtag “BLM.”

Screenshots of his Facebook profile below show Norman flashing wads of cash and sitting on top of a BMW.

He definitely seems really oppressed.

He seems like a real peach, huh?

Users on Twitter also had some choice word for this scum bucket:

“He looks really oppressed.”

“Maybe the NFL should honor him next Sunday.”

“He looks very disadvantaged.”

“The sweetest ride at the apartment complex for sure”

“Hahahaha in an apartment complex with car ports… hahahahaha”

Can you image the outrage if a Trump supporter were to do this to a Biden supporter?

There would be even more rioting in the streets.

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