[VIDEO] Disturbing SNL Skit Featuring "The Rock" Joking About "Child Molestation" Resurfaces on the Day He Endorsed Biden

Today, Dwayne Johnson, AKA “The Rock” endorsed Joe Biden for President.

It’s not a surprise, “The Rock” has never been a fan of President Trump. Remember when he toyed with the idea of running for president?

Ha ha ha

Here’s his endorsement video.

Is “The Rock” okay? He looks really odd in this clip. Let’s hope nothing is wrong because he looks so strange.

And speaking of “wrong,” and very disturbing and “strange,” an SNL clip from just 3 years ago has resurfaced on the very day that Dwayne Johnson endorsed Mr. Biden.

I saw it online and just casually clicked on the video, never thinking it would be a big deal…But holy cow, was I wrong.

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I can’t believe that anyone under the sun would think the topic of “child molestation” is something to laugh and joke about.

Let me set the video up for you:

Rock plays a scientist challenged with creating the evilest invention of all time.

What does he come up with?

A robot that molests children.


You can watch the video below:

How in God’s name could this well-known actor and father have agreed to do this skit, and why hasn’t this disgusting smut been called out before?

Would they have done a robot that rapes women?

No, of course not.

But children are like easy prey for these Hollywood sickos.

And people wonder why children in Hollywood are used and abused?

Look at the people within the industry – they’re laughing and joking about it like ghoulish demons.


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