[VIDEO] Donna Brazile Was So Triggered By RNC Convention, She Had Major Meltdown on Fox "You Don't Recognize My Existence" 

I haven’t seen a liberal on TV get this triggered and have this hysterical of a meltdown in a long, long while. The RNC Convention is doing a number on Dems.

Donna Brazile absolutely lost her marbles on “Fox and Friends.”

She and Conservative Pundit Tammy Bruce were discussing last night’s RNC Convention when Brazile went careening off the cliff of sanity and fell into a sea of crazy –  and it was all captured on LIVE TV.

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It’s hard to say exactly what this clip was about, only because Donna was so bat-sh*t nuts that the entire segment was derailed – Brian Kilmeade looked like he wanted to jump off a cliff.

One thing is for sure, Brazile was madder than an old wet hen and severely triggered by the RNC Convention.

She went after conservative pundit Tammy Bruce like a banshee, screaming about how condescending Bruce was, and at one point turning it “racial” by yelling and hollering that Bruce didn’t “recognize her existence.”

What the heck???

You can watch the video below:

I think Donna’s meltdown is a good indication of how the entire Dem Party feels overall.

They put on a horrible convention – it was so bad even liberal Bill Maher mocked it, calling it a “Jerry Lewis telethon.”

That’s an insult to Jerry Lewis, trust me…

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The Dem Party has become the political party of the blue-haired non-binary voter, and they focus mainly on those radical issues. Average Americans just can’t relate to that nonsense.

Transgender matters are not kitchen table issues for middle-class Americans. BLM burning down the country and beating innocent Americans in the streets aren’t “peaceful protests” by any stretch of a normal imagination.

But this is the bed that Dems have made, so people like Donna are going to have to live with it – all the way until election day.


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