[VIDEO] Fact Checkers Now Claim Biden Was Talking About "George Lopez" Not "George Bush" During His Bizarre Interview

Fact-checkers have chimed in on the bizarre interview where Joe Biden appears to call President Trump “George” twice, and Jill Biden appears to correct him and say “Trump” under her breath.


Here’s that video:

The fact-checkers now claim that he wasn’t mistakenly calling Trump “George,” he was actually talking to George Lopez the comedian.

Here’s what CNN’s Brian Stelter said:

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“NBC has added an editor’s note to this morning’s “Today” show segment that played a clip of Biden saying “four more years of George, uh…” without noting that he was talking to George Lopez”

However, not everyone is buying that. Especially conservatives. Here’s what The Federalist editor Sean Davis had to say about the new excuse:

“How brain dead do you have to be to believe “4 more years of George” was a reference to George Lopez, who’s never been POTUS for any amount of time? The reality is Biden is senile and his brain forgot that Trump, not George W. Bush, is up for re-election.”

And just to place things into perspective, author and podcaster Dave Rubin actually went on video and recited Biden’s sentence, using “George Lopez,” and it still sounds off the wall.

Here’s what Biden would have sounded like if “George Lopez” was added to his sentence:

It’s 7 days before the election, and “Team Biden” is definitely kicked into high-gear and doing as much spin and hustle as possible to keep their failing candidate afloat.

It’s fair to note that this would not be Biden’s first blunder. They happen almost daily.

He once mistook his own wife for his sister, for crying out loud.


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