[VIDEO] Fans Worry Britney Spears Has Gone Off the Rails Again After Bizarre Instagram Video Emerges

Britney Spears has had a rough life.

She’s been under the public’s watchful eye for most of her time on this earth, and the outcome of that is very sad to see.

Sadly, we’ve watched Britney have public meltdowns in the past – but there was a time recently when she seemed to be okay.

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She had a show in Vegas, and looked bright and healthy and was back to work, and she sounded good…but then again, all of that changed and Britney began a slow decline down the hill.

And now, her fans are seriously worried that she’s gone completely off the rails after this bizarre video, where she looks a wreck and is speaking like a chipmunk on speed…and even more odd, she’s answering bizarre questions that nobody appeared to ask her.

From Daily Mail

In the pre-recorded video, Britney, 38, wore a puffy sleeved patterned crop top along with a couple of choker necklaces.

Her blonde hair appeared a little windswept and her eyes were ringed with her usual dark shadow and black liner.

‘So I’m here today to answer all your questions in your comments,’ she began.

‘And the first question you guys ask me is what’s my favorite holiday… my favorite holiday is probably Halloween just because I like getting dressed up. I love the candy and I love scaring people,’ she said.

Then, reading from a cue card, she went on to share that her favorite subject in school was history, her favorite designer is Tom Ford, her favorite restaurant is Mastro’s because she likes steak and baked potatoes, and her favorite book is A Good Woman by Danielle Steele.

But her fans were quick to comment on the clip and how it struck a somewhat bizarre chord.

‘Girl, no one is asking that,’ one fan posted.

‘These are definitely not the questions people are asking,’ another wrote.

One commenter suggested the questions were from way back in 1999, while others asked the star: ‘are u ok?’

You can watch the video below:

A lot of Britney’s fans believe that she is being “held hostage.” Her father is the conservator of her entire estate and fans and some close friends believe that Britney has no control over her own life.

Her father denies those rumors and says Britney is not “mentally able” to handle her own estate.

On Wednesday, Britney’s childhood friend Jason Alexander, whom she wed in Las Vegas in January 2004 only for the marriage to be annulled 55 hours later, claimed to have insight into her life.

Jason joined fans for a #FreeBritney rally outside the downtown LA courthouse where her hearing about her conservatorship was being held.

He said he had been in contact with Britney via text message Tuesday night and said she wants the conservatorship to end.

‘She does get to do things, you know go to a vacation for a week, but it’s all supervised. It’s not like she can just go do what she wants,’ Jason said.

‘She’s ready for this to be over with, it’s holding her back,’ he added. ‘It’s really sad because it’s affecting her relationship with her kids and people like me and her friends that she’d like to hang out with but she can’t.’

It’s very sad what has happened to Britney. Imagine if she wasn’t famous and how much better her life could have been?


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