[VIDEO] Finally, Somebody Put Anti-Trump Neil Cavuto Right Back in His Place...Thank You, Jim Jordan

It’s about time someone put that anti-Trump “principled libertarian” Neil Cavuto in his place.

I don’t even know how this guy still has a show, to be honest. He’s insufferable. He’s actually worse than Shep – at least Shep had an excuse, he was a nutbag liberal – the thing about the right is that we have so many “wolves in sheep’s clothing.”

So, it was great to see Ohio Rep. Jim Jordan smack him right back down.

The two sparred over the Democrat Party’s latest absurd conspiracy theory involving “disappearing mailboxes.”

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Desperate Dems expect the public to believe Trump is creeping around U.S. cities. snatching mailboxes and “snorting machines” in an effort to “steal the election.”

Here we go again, right? And we have to entertain these stupid conspiracy theories because the fake news media and idiots like Neil Cavuto push them as if they’re valid.

So, Cavuto tried his best to reinforce the Dems absurd conspiracy by suggesting that Trump was indeed trying to “rig” the election.

You can watch the video below:

Let’s get real, folks. The US Postal Service has been a sinking ship for decades.  They’re a government black hole that gobbles up endless amounts of tax dollars but has hardly anything to show for it. Right now, the USPS has $14 billion on hand and $10 billion in credit and they’re actually making more money today than last year.

And let’s not forget that between 2011 and 2016 President Obama removed 12,000 mailboxes.


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