[VIDEO] Fired Up Mike Lindell Appears on War Room to Clear Up "Controversy" On Symposium

As you likely know, Mike Lindell, the King of Pillows and other comfy things, held a cyber symposium for 3 days.


The symposium focused on the “2020 election” and accusations of hacking and other nefarious things.

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But the symposium was not without some controversy, including rumors that Lindell had been “duped” by a group of cyber-scammers who had been leading him on.

Lindell appeared on Steve Bannon’s “War Room” to discuss these rumors and controversy and finally put them all to rest.


I think when you see this, you’ll be pleased, especially with what the “bipartisan” cyber nerd at the beginning of the clip concludes.

You can watch the video below:

Let’s be honest, the left will do whatever they can to try and make Mike Lindell look like he’s half off his rocker.


I don’t know if everything he’s got is spot-on, obviously, I am no “tech whizz,” but I can tell you this much, the left wouldn’t be focusing on him this hard if he wasn’t hovering over some dangerous targets, that’s for sure.

The left only makes enemies out of people they fear.

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