[VIDEO] For the Second Time, Joe Biden Tells America He's a "Proud Democrat Running For Senate"

Joe Biden’s meds are not working today.

He’s having a very bad day.

That’s how my grandma was – she had Alzheimer’s, and she’d have good and bad days.


Today is a bad day for Joe, whatever his “diagnosis” is…and it’s sad to watch, but this man simply can’t be president, and I think everyone (even his supporters) realize that by this point…they just don’t care.

You’ll recall back during the Dem primary, Biden told voters that he was running for the U.S. Senate.

In case you forgot, here’s that clip:

That was a shocking blunder, but Biden’s supporters blew it off as no big deal…it “just happened once,” and “honest mistake, and “totally normal,” type excuses were flowing.

Well, he did it again today…just 3 weeks out from the election.

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And I’m sorry…It’s not an honest mistake, it’s happened more than once, and it’s not normal at all.

While Biden was speaking to another empty parking lot, he announced that he’s a “proud Democrat” and he’s running for “Senate.”

And speaking of that empty parking lot…here it is:

This poor man is unwell.

You can watch the video below:

It really isn’t “funny.” It’s scary and sad, actually.

That’s what Lin Wood and Bernard Kerick chatted about after the incident.

“It would be funny if it was not so sad. Joe Biden is not mentally qualified to be President or a Senator. #FightBack for Mentally Competent Candidates”


“Okay… so did he withdraw from running for President, or did he forget he was running for president and not the senate.?”

It’s scary that our fellow Americans are so blinded by TDS that they’d vote for someone who doesn’t even know that they’re running for president, and sad because this man should be at home resting under a pile of blankets.


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