[VIDEO] Former WH Doctor for 3 Presidents Says He's Convinced Biden Not Physically or Cognitively Fit For Office

Anyone with half a brain can see that Joe Biden is struggling.

I’m sorry, but telling the country TWICE that you’re running for the Senate, when you’re running for president, isn’t “normal.”

It’s not a gaffe, and it’s not a stutter. It’s something else, and it’s very, very disturbing.


So much so, that Obama’s former WH doctor is worried…and he’s calling for Joe to be tested.

From Bizpacreview

Former White House physician Ronny Jackson is “concerned and convinced” that Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden is unfit to be president.

Jackson, who is running for Congress as a Republican in Texas, has not evaluated the former vice president but told reporters Tuesday that what he has seen of Biden on the campaign trail has him worried. The 53-year-old who served as physician to former President Barack Obama as well as President Trump expressed his concerns over Biden’s apparent cognitive decline and recommended he be tested.

“I’ve taken care of three presidents during three administrations, and I know exactly what’s required to sit in that seat at the Resolute Desk,” Jackson said on during an appearance on Fox News’ “Hannity.”

“Something’s going on here. Biden is not prepared for that,” Jackson added, calling out Trump’s critics who demanded every single medical piece of information on the president’s health but have articulated no concerns over Biden’s behavior.

The media, social media, and Dems are working overtime to try and hide Joe’s cognitive decline from the American people.

But it’s not working. People can see that he’s not well. And what’s being done to him by his handlers and family is cruel.


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