[VIDEO] Fox News WH Reporter John Roberts Throws Hissy Fit on Live TV After Criticism For Pushing Dems "White Supremacy" Narrative

It’s time for everyone to #WalkAway from Fox News.

These people are not our friends.

And I’d argue that Fox News is even worse than MSNBC or CNN. They’re wolves in sheep’s clothing.

Fox News is “controlled opposition” and can do way more damage to our cause than CNN or the other left-wing fake news organizations and outlets.


How does controlled op work? Well, a quick example would be the polls. When a cruddy Trump poll comes out from Fox (and, trust me,  there’s TONS of them) the left-wing, MSM media and Dems use that to say “See? Even FOX NEWS says Trump and his agenda suck, so it must be true, why would Fox News lie??”

It’s a game, they’re all working together.

But in order to pull off controlled op, you have to appear to be a “friend.” And Fox does that by employing a handful of actual Trump supporters. But if you really pay attention, the bulk of the “Republican” folks at Fox are either Never Trump or very weak, milquetoast Trump supporters.

And it’s a powerful weapon. That kind of reporting can really gaslight a lot of Trump supporters and depress the movement.

That’s why WH reporter John Roberts plays along with the left and pushes their agenda. Today their agenda is “Trump is a racist,” so John fell right inline and pushed the “Why won’t Trump denounce white supremacy” garbage.

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I mean, let’s get real…How many times has Trump denounced white supremacy? I have seriously lost count. This is actually a media clown show at this point.

And Kayleigh is sick and tired of it. She called Roberts out for this questioning, and the Trump Twitter Amry quickly pounced on him – rightfully so, by the way.

That “pouncing” caused Roberts to meltdown, and he threw a literal “hissy fit” over it on live TV.

You can watch the video below:

Trump has broken all of these media jackals.

They can’t hold it together anymore – even those at “Fox News.”

Please consider cutting the Fox News umbilical cord. There are many other places you can get your news nowadays. You don’t need to give these backstabbers ratings.

Catch your favorite Fox personalities on Youtube, or in our articles.


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