[VIDEO] Fox’s Sandra Smith Appears Nervous and Out of Breath While Trying to Defend Her Snarky Election Remarks

Sandra Smith is officially a biased loon, foaming at the mouth to defend herself.

During a recent segment, Smith finally addressed the comments she made live on air where she made incredibly snarky comments on how Fox and other outlets had called the election already for Biden.


Here it is if you missed it:


Well Sandra is desperately trying to defend herself in this pathetic video, where she appears nervous, breathless and claims the footage was “not real.”

What the what?!

We saw you on live television Sandra…how was it not real?

Watch the video:

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Many users pointed out what a mess Sandra looked like, saying it looked like she was caught in a burglary:

It’s like she got caught in a late night burglary.

Yep, I noticed the exact same thing, @nedryun … no one telling the truth would be that nervous. @SandraSmithFox knows she destroyed her credibility with all Fox viewers.

Shortness of breath could be a result of having a knife held to her back making her say all that malarkey.

Yep, that was the first thing I noticed. @SandraSmithFox was very short of breath.

She’s like a duck paddling like hell under the water, while trying to speak.

Yeah she’s toast.

She knows her behavior has cost her her integrity with conservatives and there’s no coming back.

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