[VIDEO] Frantic Liberal Girl Races From L.A. to Ohio After Discovering Her Entire "Independent" Family is Voting For Trump 

It’s amazing to see how the liberals of 2020 are even more clueless and out-of-touch than the dopey 2016 liberals.

These people learned NOTHING from their 2016 loss… not a damn thing.

They’ve doubled-down on all the things that turned off “middle-America” back in 2016 and have embraced this wacky radical agenda that has gone from hilariously “goofy” to downright terrifying, and they think they can win with this platform of radical communism and are literally shocked and dumbfounded when “normal people” don’t support it.

That’s what happened to this young lesbian liberal who moved from Ohio to L.A.

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While living her “progressive” life in the homeless hell-hole of Los Angeles, she found out that her entire “independent” family back in Ohio is voting for Trump.

She got so freaked out and scared that she hopped in her car and is driving across the country to stop her family from making a decision that will “destroy the country.”

She claims that if Trump is re-elected, she may not be able to “love who she loves.”

Ha ha ha ha.

Yes, because Trump has stopped everyone from “loving people” in these past 4-years, right? ?

These poor people are mentally sick.

You can watch the video below:

It’s funny how self-involved and narcissistic liberals are too. Imagine being a young clueless. sh*thead, and thinking you can just rush home and change the minds of your mature, experienced, and emotionally well-balanced family by spewing a bunch of hysterical emotional progressive talking points that make no sense.

Good Lord, these people need a boatload of prayer, folks.


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