[VIDEO] Furious Citizens Cuss Out NJ Governor Phil Murphy While He Eats Dinner With His Maskless Family

That’s right the great “Mask Czar” himself was just caught without one.

New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy spotted eating with his family, who also were not wearing masks, and he was promptly cussed out by two enraged citizens who called out his hypocrisy.


The woman filming this video can be heard arguing with Murphy’s family, who get snarky and ask the woman to put her mask on as they all sit there without one.

Watch the video:

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Now what’s really ironic is that Murphy himself was exposed to COVID-19 back in October while he and his wife held a swanky party at an outdoor bar, where he also was MASKLESS.

From North Jersey.com

Gov. Phil Murphy acknowledged Thursday that he did not wear a mask — because he was eating and drinking — at an event where he came into contact with a senior staff member who later tested positive for COVID-19, forcing the governor to quarantine.

But Murphy has tested negative twice since the encounter and has shown no symptoms, he said.

“I feel like a million bucks,” Murphy said in an interview on the radio station 1010 WINS.


“I was not really up against this person,” Murphy said. “It was at most 15 minutes, and we were outdoors.”

Because food and drinks were served, Murphy and others were not wearing masks. His executive order allowing outdoor dining does not require patrons to wear masks while dining, but they must when going indoors.

“We ourselves took them off,” Murphy said. “Obviously you can’t eat or drink through a mask. I have to say, when people were moving around … folks were wearing masks, at least to the best of my recollection. But at the table, you’re having a drink, you’re eating something, by definition you’re taking your mask off.”


This is yet another politician who only sets rules that he expects the peasants to follow.

And they wonder why we don’t trust them…

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