[VIDEO] Greg Kelly Just Made a Promise to Viewers...He'll Keep Reporting Truth About 2020 Election...No Matter What 

Imagine if Fox News behaved this way?

What if Fox News had the same attitude as Greg Kelly from Newsmax does – a man who respects his audience and will report the truth, even if that means being censored by Big Tech – namely YouTube.


As you may know, YouTube recently claimed that they will now censor content that claims there was “election fraud.”

It’s official, we’ve turned into China…maybe worse than China, at this point.

We’re not allowed to think differently or share alternate opinions. You either think the way the liberals say, or you don’t get to share your thoughts. Period.

How on earth did we ever get to this place?

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Especially after the Dems spent 4 years pushing a fake Russia collusion conspiracy with not one single strike or censor.

Big Tech is now “Big Brother,” watching and monitoring everything we say and do with an army of fact-checkers to enforce their rules and regulations…and it’s all ideological. I am not allowed to believe how I want to believe because some silicon valley nerd thinks I am “racist.”

But they worship someone like Jimmy Kimmel, who has mocked minorities and wore blackface – things I’ve never done, ever – all because he’s somehow “changed” and is now a Progressive Saint.

Hey, liberals, I didn’t need to change, I’ve never been a racist a-hole.

But this is where we are, because our elected officials have ignored the Big Tech tyranny and allowed it to spiral out of control, so thank goodness for people like Greg Kelly, who vow to keep reporting the truth, regardless of the stranglehold of censorship.

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You can watch the video below:

And speaking of Fox News, hopefully, you’ve turned them off.

But, if haven’t and you want to show Fox News who’s boss here’s what you can do:

Don’t watch anything, not even “friendly” shows on Fox News. Turn them off.
If you want to watch your favorite shows, watch them on Youtube or social media (not Fox’s Youtube channel).
Do not click on ANY Fox News or New York Post article at all.
Cancel all subscriptions you may have to any Fox News app or program they offer.
Block Fox News on social media do not retweet them or promote them.
If you’re looking for broadcast alternatives, go with OANN or Newsmax.


If we follow these five steps, we will send a very clear and very powerful message to these traitors and to Paul Ryan, that they can’t use us for our ratings and loyalty, and then sail us down the river later.

At this point, there’s no excuse to be supporting and paying the enemy to literally destroy everything we’ve worked for. It’s insane. Cut Fox News out of your life.

As we move deeper and deeper into this 2020 election sludge, more and more disturbing things are becoming clear. It should be obvious to anyone with half a brain that the Dems used “mail-in ballots” to create mass chaos and as a cover so they could massively stuff ballots without it seeming “odd.”

People need to ask themselves: why did they stop counting on election night when Trump was ahead, and then suddenly, hours later all these “votes” for Biden were discovered?

This has not been a “fair” election and the process has not been the least bit transparent. We must keep fighting the good fight because we’ve been robbed by the demonic Dems.


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