[VIDEO] Guess Who Leo 2.0 is Taking On Now?…April Ryan…and She Doesn’t Stand a Chance

Leo Terrell is a one-man MAGA freight train, steam-rolling all the bad guys, and he just keeps rolling. Next stop: April Ryan.


As you know, the left has kicked up the race-baiting and identity politics to a “100” on the 1-10. scale. It’s literally off the charts.

Everything under the sun is racist –  and whole. we’re at it – that damn sun is a bigot too – why is it so “bright and light,” anyway?

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That’s how silly all of this has gotten.

Dr. Seuss is racist, ID’s are racist, Mr. Potato Head (not CNN’s potato Brian Stelter) is racist or a misogynist, I don’t know which one it is. The point is everything is racist…and there’s a reason why Dems are pushing this. such a radical rate.

They’ve lost a lot of minority support.


Now, they won’t say. that – they can’t – but President Trump really bit into their share of the minorities and the Dems now need to do whatever it takes to bring them back.

And the quickest way to do that is to whip up some racial tensions – and that’s precisely what liars and propaganda artists in the media are doing.

People like April Ryan…and that’s where Leo 2.0 comes in…he’s not having it, and will call out these lies one by one.

You can watch the video below:

I know you. probably feel the same way I do, but man-oh-man, I am really thankful that we now have Leo on our side.


What. a warrior and a blessing he is.

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