[VIDEO] Hardcore Anti-Trump "Fighter" Has Change of Heart After Attending Trump Rally, Where He Found Patriotism and Peace


So many people who started out believing the lies from the left and the mainstream media have been awakened to what a hateful communist movement liberalism is.

There is no room for “free thinking” or “free speech” in today’s liberal utopia. You either believe this ONE WAY, or you’re labeled a “Nazi” or a “racist,” or whatever the SJW word of the day is.

Liberalism is a deep and dark cult, and a lot of people get sucked into it and never get out.

But a lot of people also escape the darkness and ugliness and those are the stories that make all of this fighting and battling worthwhile.

Like this young man who I am about to share with you.

His nickname is “Tiny,” because he’s so huge! And he’s a 21-year-old kid from American Samoa and he was a hardcore Trump hater…until one day when he showed up at a Trump rally to fight and raise hell, and instead of that negativity, he found patriotism and peace.

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Now, he’s a Trump supporter, fighting against the left and fighting for free speech.

You can watch the video below:

There are so many more “Tinys” out there.

Young men and women who are rediscovering their patriotic roots and realizing that caring for Americans FIRST, above all else, doesn’t make you “racist.” It makes you a hero for your own people.

For so long, we’ve allowed the globalists to put us last.

In our own country, foreigners have come before Americans – and that’s wrong.

I am so proud of Tiny for having an open heart.


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