[VIDEO] Harris Faulkner Destroys Kamala and Joe With Molten Hot Lava in 90-Seconds Flat



I saw this video floating around online, and I finally stopped and watched it, thinking it’s the same “gotcha” stuff we see from pundits, hosts, and reporters all day long.

But it wasn’t that at all.

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Fox News host Harris Faulkner, who is, I think, about as “fair-minded” as they come, went to a place that was very deep and very emotional, as she went after Joe and Kamala.

Harris started in on Kamala, and pretty much wrote her off as the useless and pointless person that she has shown herself to be, and then went on to basically point out that Kamala is not “commander in chief” material.

No, no, she is not.

And then Hariss turned her sites on Joe and the nightmare that’s going on right now in Afghanistan – which is a total mess and getting worse by the second.

The Taliban continues its siege of Afghanistan’s provincial capitals on Friday, bringing their total to at least 17 of the country’s 34 which include the country’s second-and third-largest cities: Kandahar in the south and Herat in the west, AP reports. Clashes between the Taliban and Afghan forces have intensified as foreign militaries, including the US and NATO, are scheduled to withdraw from Afghanistan by August 31. Pentagon officials revealed that troops are being sent to help evacuate some embassy staff in Afghanistan as intelligence assessment anticipates that the country’s capital Kabul could fall to Taliban within 90 days, according to Reuters.

The reason this happened, is because the world knows the US is a joke, being led by an “Alzheimer’s patient.” If Trump was in office, the Taliban wouldn’t have been so flagrant and bold, because they feared him. And over there fear equals respect.

Nobody on earth fears Joe Biden or his “woke” military.


Things are a total circus. Joe had 3.500 troops pulled out of Afghanistan and last I heard he was sending 8 thousand back in.

What a mess.

And where is Joe, by the way?


Oh, he’s eating ice cream while on his 16th vacation and hasn’t spoken a word about it to the American people.

Nice leadership, jerk.

Well, Harris Faulkner is pissed and she let Joe have it with both barrels…I’m talking molten lava flowing…and I think you will like it..

You can watch the video below:

Good for Harris. That needed to be said, and it should be repeated often.


This phony admin is a total joke, top to bottom, and their ineptitude is placing Americans in serious danger.

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