[VIDEO] It Only Took This Man 10-Short-Minutes to Change His Friends Mind and Convince Him to Vote For Trump

Facts and truth are a powerful thing, and if we share both of them, we can change the world.

This video is a perfect example of that power.

I started watching this, and half-way through I was literally cheering for this man.


He took the time, and the love and care to educate his friend who was misguided, on politics.

It’s so easy for us to just ingest those easy flimsy Democrat and media “talking points” without doing any research.

And that’s what a lot of people do. So many people believe something without really understanding why they believe it. “Well, Black Americans vote for Democrats. It’s better and that’s just the way it is….”


That’s not the way it is.

And God Bless this man for caring enough about his friend to talk it all out.

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And in just 10-short-minutes he provided his friend with enough truth and facts, that he understood what was really happening, and will now vote for HIS best interest, not the best interest of a bunch of fat-cat politicians who have risen to power (and stayed there) on the backs of struggling Black Americans.

You can watch the video below:

So next time you hear someone who’s digging in their heels over “Trump hate” it might help them if you take just a few minutes to calmly and compassionately inform them of the truth.

You never know who you will help set free by doing that small gesture.


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