[VIDEO] Jake Tapper Just Hit the Official “Rock Bottom” of His Career

Jake Tapper has officially hit the bottom of his career barrel.

During a segment of CNN’s coverage on Trump’s impeachment hearing, Tapper actually had the gall to question Rep. Brian Mast’s commitment to American democracy.


Just a reminder, Mast is a veteran who lost both of his legs while defending our country.

I think he has a much better grasp on democracy then you Jake.

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Of course, Tapper faced some big backlash for that idiotic statement and issued this apology, which debatably made things worse.


This surely was issued after conservatives absolutely shredded Tapper for his outlandish remarks.

@jaketapper doesn’t appear to have a commitment to objective journalism or the truth, so he doesn’t understand what he was accusing a man who gave to limbs for his country of.

They have zero respect for our veterans.

he realized when he opened his mouth he was about to take his hypocrisy too far – hear him stutter.

These people are monsters

This statement was truly one beyond reproach from Tapper.

He’s clearly drinking the insurrection koolaid and not missing a drop.

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