[VIDEO] Jake Tapper Wass So Shook By Biden's Disastrous Debate Performance He's Barely Able to Get His Words Out

It’s clear to everyone – even if they won’t admit it – that President Trump didn’t just win the final debate…He CLOBBERED Sleepy Joe.


Biden came off as very angry, dark, gloomy, and really, really low-energy.

Almost sickly.

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At one point, poor old Basement Joe was getting trounced so heartedly by Trump, he was actually checking his watch, like “OMG, when is this nightmare over?”


The defeat for Biden was so devastating that liberals were caught off guard and they didn’t know how to react.

Just look at Jake Tapper, he was so frazzled by the political beatdown that he couldn’t speak.

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The man was literally trying to get his words out – babbling and stumbling –  and when he finally did speak, he didn’t make any dang sense.

You can watch the video below:

Once again, our smug political class is living in an insulated bubble, completely far-removed from reality.

Just like in 2016.

These people have learned absolutely nothing from their previous loss.

And the funny thing is, Biden is a far worse candidate than Hillary was.

Election night is going to be very, very difficult for them.


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