[VIDEO] James Woods Shares Video of New York Man Forced Out of His Car and Beaten Senseless by a Mob in Broad Daylight

Remember when New York City was safe and a tourist hot-spot?

Seems like eons ago, right?

The NYC comeback was started by patriot Rudy Guiliani and has been completely destroyed by communist Bill de Blasio.

Crime is soaring in the city right now and people are leaving in droves, thanks to the crime and those tyrannical COVID restrictions.

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I did a story a few weeks back about a guy who was walking to the store in Brooklyn to buy toothpaste and he was shot by a stray bullet and is paralyzed for life now.

But it’s not just a once in a while thing – there is an endless stream of horrific and violent videos coming out of New York City all the time now.

It really feels like the inmates are running the asylum.

Like this one video here that James Woods retweeted.

It takes place in NYC A man is forced out. of his car by a mob, and he’s beaten senseless in the street while bystanders film it.

At one point a brave woman comes to his rescue, just before a police siren scares the mob off.

You can watch the video below:

I don’t know if the man is okay or not, he looks to be (barely) back on his feet at the end of the video.

Also, I am not sure of the context of this video.

However, one thing is true in all this darkness and mess – this election cycle has shined a big, bright light on how inept and dangerous Democrat “leaders” are.

I really hope this sticks with decent and law-abiding Americans, and they stop voting these fools into power.


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