[VIDEO] Jen Accused of Using "Easter Bunny" to Interrupt Tough Question She Didn't Want to Answer

All the world is a stage, and the Biden admin are the stars.


What we’re watching right now is pure political theatre.

Every step is plotted out, every word is written.

There’s a script, and if you’re “Team Biden,” you’re expected to follow it.

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The only time the plan goes off the rails is when Joe “adlibs.” That’s when everything goes over the cliff.

But the main thing the “Handlers” want to ensure is that you never realize that they have no clue what they’re doing.

And they’ll do whatever it takes to keep the smoke and mirror show going…even use the Easter Bunny.



During the WH presser, just as a reporter was asking a very tough question about Joe lying about the GA voter law, the Easter Bunny busted into the room to pass out candy to the reporters.

Here’s the tweet from Matt Whitlock, a Republican communications expert:

“Kind of amazing that the White House press team chose the middle of @kaitlancollins’ important question about Biden lying about the Georgia election law to… bring in the Easter bunny and interrupt the briefing.”
You can watch the video below:

Don’t think for one second that they wouldn’t do something like this.


The “Easter Bunny” is probably Susan Rice wearing an earpiece, waiting for a cue to rescue Jen and Joe.

Or…maybe it was Hunter?

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